My Adventure in Oz

I got to spend the last weekend in Oz! Yes, you read that right! 

Once a year, in Beech Mountain, NC, The Land of Oz has an event called “Autumn in Oz”. Land of Oz was once a theme park, that had been shut down. You may have read articles of the park, about it being “abandoned”, well this is not true. OZ is still alive and full of magic certain times of the year. Check out there website for more details!
This was my first year at Oz. Oh what an experience. From the make up and costumes, to the guests that kept me smiling. I will never forget this past weekend.
I had the opportunity to play two characters – a Munchkin and an Ozian. Now I know either is as cool as Dorothy or a witch….. but it was still just as exciting! I can’t tell you the feeling it brings, the magical feeling of being apart of something so special. The stories from the older generation of when the theme park was up and running, bringing their children over the summer, the love they still have for this place as they share this experience with their grand children. The excitement and love as the children run up to their favorite characters. Guests of all ages dressed up in costumes. It’s just such a special gift to share with others.
The makeup, did I mention the makeup? These ladies are spectacular!! 

Their is something even more special than the yellow brick road…. it was the people behind the scenes. The cast, the ones that keep it all together, the EMT’s, the ladies that keep our bellies full. Every single person from the seen to the unseen. These people are amazing. I had the chance to work with some I have worked with before, just in a different environment. I got to see friends I haven’t had the chance to see in a while. I met new friends.

I wish I could of had the chance to talked to all the cast members. Hopefully I will be asked back again next year and get the chance then. 


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