My year in review, 2016.

It has been quite a year. Ups, Downs, Lefts, Rights… You name it I experienced it. There were curves where I ended in a ditch, but there were also wide opens roads with the wind in my hair. 

I think it’s important as the year ends and another begins to reflect on all we have gone through that past 12 months, if not only to remember and hold those memories but to reflect on what we learned from each experience. Nobody’s life is perfect. We all have our struggles. We all survive. We all learn.

This year I felt like writing it all down and sharing my year, all the highs and lows. Pure truth in the life of Bobbi Jo Scott.
My year started off fresh, spent New Years with my family in Beaufort, NC. It was nice having us all together again. 
Auditions for “Lost in Yonkers” were in February, I was casted as Aunt Gert. Never, ever will I believe all small roles are easy. This was my most challenging role on stage yet. In the middle of rehearsals my life, the walls of my life, pushed in a little closer as I made the trip to Beaufort again to say goodbye to my father. My father died on February 26th from aortic dissection. I returned home to the heaven sent audition schedule and pushed forward giving Gert all I had. I truly love my theatre family, they held me together when I felt I was falling apart. 
The spring brought us to a new beautiful home. Rob and i made a trip to Beaufort to make sure she was doing OK, and help with some of my father’s final paperwork.  Spring had come and gone and a much awaited summer began. I went back work for the summer waiting tables….. Ha! great idea Bobbi. My first summer not being apart of ACLT Summer Musical, but work kept me really busy. Thought about death often this summer. Felt like death was upon me, watching me, stalking me. At the end of the summer I helped my friend Ramona with her production of “Steel Magnolias”. Now I really wanted to audition for this play, but my friends talked me out of it knowing I was directing the next one. I’m glad they did cause this ole girl was pooped! “Steel Magnolias” was an incredible play, with an incredible cast. No denying these ladies, each one of them were spectacular! My Mom had come to visit and I actually got to sit and enjoy my time with her. I felt that was really important.
One of my highs this year was a dream come true. True Ozians know all about the old theme park Land of  Oz.  This year I got to be apart of “Autumn in Oz”,  the park opens for the weekend, and oh what a magical weekend it was! I was only a Munchkin/Ozian… I’m definitely not cool enough for a main role (hence my size and age) but I would do any role. When I say this place is magical.. it truly is. Your heart is full, the anticipation and happiness of all the guests honestly fills your soul. I hope I get to experience that again next year!

I directed my first show this year, “To Kill a Mockingbird”…. Oh what an experience! One I will never forget and so grateful I actually had the chance for this experienced. In theatre you make these bonds… Friendship, love, admiration. This show filled my heart. As a stage actor you know when a show is good…. You feel it, everyone around you feels it. It so different as the director. The feeling on opening night is so intense, so different than being on stage, it’s honestly your biggest fear and biggest accomplishment all rolled up together in a tasty little bite. I learned from some of the best Thespians in the High Country. I casted one hell of a show!

My show had ended, like they all do, and I felt lost. I got real sad. I tried putting my life in perspective and I got lost. It’s so hard trying to be a wife and mother when you’re empty inside. My sadness turned into depression. My depression turned into pain. My health suffered. My family suffered. There were days all I did was replay my life, thinking about my dad, my family, my health. I just pushed myself, until I felt human again. I actually have someone to thank for that. We all have that one friend that can somehow make you remember who you are and why your here. 
Winter was before us, which meant so we’re the holidays…. I just couldn’t get it together. I couldn’t find a job. My family was suffering because of this. I was in more pain then usual. This was my low. My relationship with my husband was changing. I use to be afraid to fall asleep, frightened that I would not wake up. By the time a pushed myself to decorate for the holidays, all I wanted was to not wake up. Thoughts of Christmases past with my father wore heavy on my heart. My dad was like a kid at Christmas! Yet this Christmas all I wanted to do was say goodbye. Tired of the pain both mentally and physically. I am so tired of dying…
We made it through Christmas, thanks to our loving family. It was hard this year. The feeling of not being able to give your children what they want to Christmas sucks! But we pulled off a holiday of what they needed, not what they wanted. Guess what… They lived! 
This New Years all I wanted was to sleep… But I didn’t. I made myself go out. I’m glad I did as I rang in the new year with those who are important to me. I got to talk (probably too much) and spend time with my love’s. And once again I felt alive. I can’t tell you how important it is to live. I live everyday with the possibility of death. (I guess we all do). We don’t know how much time we have. All we can do live. I am ready to start living.
And now it’s over and a new one begins. 
This year I will smile more.

This year I will laugh harder.

This year I will do things I need to do to continue to smile and laugh.

This year I will love harder than I have before.
I hope you do to…….