Where are you my friend?

I hear your whispers in the wind.

I swear I heard you call my name.
I saw a glimpse of your face,

Or was it just all in my mind?

Calling out to you, am I insane?
I’m starting to forget your face,

Or maybe just the memories.

It’s been so long since you’ve left.
I still feel you beside me,

My heart still hurts the same.

Gone from here, but never forgotten.



Today, I think I’ll be myself.
No mask.

There is no one around… I’m alone.

I can look at old pictures, I can cry.
I can read old letters, I can laugh.
I can let go of my feelings,
Ones I’ve been holding back.

I will think of the accident…
I will get angry.
I let everything go.
I allow the tears to fall.

There’s a knock at the door…

I wipe the tears.
Put away my pictures and letters.
Put away my feelings.
Find my mask.

And let the masquerade begin….

Bobbi Jo Berwick 1997

I wrote this along time ago. After the loss of my brother and sister. I felt so alone, even though I was constantly around people that loved me.

I don’t share my poetry, not anymore. I’m not proud of my writing these days. But I am going to start again. A little bit here and there. So here’s the perfect spot to start.