My stage.

I’m uncomfortable in my own skin. Truly uncomfortable. I don’t like the mirror. I don’t find myself pretty. I’m an average “girl next door”, always have been. In highschool I was weird. Yes, weird. I was not popular and attractive. I was small and mousy. Boys didn’t look at me the way they did other girls. In highschool I loved acting, but was never “leading lady” material. I have never been afraid to perform in front of others, but I have been afraid to “be” in front of others.

…..And I’m OK with that.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found more of myself. A way to be “OK” with that reflection I hated when I was younger. I found it on stage. I found my beauty.


Why do I love being on stage? (I’ve been asked this quite often) It’s simple…. Because acting releases me.. Releases my soul.  I am not the best actress. I am not the prettiest, the smartest, the talented one. But I am the one that will give 110%. I pour my heart into my character, and I become her. It makes me feel alive. I am at home.