Father’s Day Regret

Today is Father’s Day.
I lost my dad almost four months ago.

I thought about my father all day at work yesterday. I never understood what Father’s Day meant until today. As a child I remember making my dad cards, or drawing a picture, but we really didn’t celebrate the day. Same with Mother’s Day. It in all honesty was just another day to me. Even after all these years I never celebrated Father’s Day with him. I would post a Meme or a message on his Facebook page, I didn’t even have the decency to call him…. WoW…. great daughter. I now regret that. I should have made it special. I should have let him know what he meant to me.

I never did.

There are few pictures of us together. Mostly because we were both always taking the pictures. Though it still makes me sad. Still feel regret.


The only picture of my dad and us girls.

I always thought there would be time. More time for pictures, more time for memories, more time for family. But there are no promises for tomorrow.

I need to not only celebrate the days, but also celebrate life. Not just of those that have past, but mostly for those that live.


Mom, my sister Marianne, myself and my dad.

I miss my dad. I miss him a lot. I miss his quirky FB messages and his sarcastic comments. I miss his little jokes. I miss him tell me diving and hunting stories. I miss his noogie’s, the man enjoyed messing up others hair since he had none. As proof in the picture above. I miss that smile he had when someone was getting on his nerves. And that cheesy grin when he was up to no good.

I miss my dad.